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Sewn/Iron-on Patches

Do you want the patches on jerseys of pro sports leagues and get them on clothes within a few seconds? The embroidered patch is an art which is created by using an applique backing thread and some form of a needle, which offers retro style to personalized fashion. Logo Transfers team get all NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA primary logo iron on patches in stock which are able to be ironed on clothes for a few seconds and ship them the day you place your order.

In order to prevent fraying, the edges of the backing are heat-sealed. It can be attached with a pin or can be sewn on, but some of the more modern methods of attachment include an iron-on backing. As the result, there is another name for embroidered patch which is iron on patches.  

Some designs incorporate the backing as the background of the patch, while others completely cover the backing with stitches. To finish the patch, iron-on adhesive is applied to the reverse.

For personalized iron on embroidery patches, you can check "Custom Iron On Patches" in Customization out or leave us a message at We will reply ASAP.


How to heat press iron on patches?

Its easy! You can use them on your jackets, pants, T-shirts or any other materials you like. What you need is a household iron.

¨ prepare the patches and the jeans (clothes, shoes or any other material) which will be ironed on.

¨ Clean the part that will be ironed on. Put it on the desired position. Face the side with heat seal backing directly on the pants, place a pressing cloth (such as a cotton fabric, handkerchief, sheet or pillowcase fabric) over top.

¨ Adjust the temperature of the iron to the suitable degree. Heat press on force backward and forward for about 30 seconds (depends on the size of your patches)

¨ Cool down the embroidery patches, check if that is fixed properly. if not, heat press again as above same ways.